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Feature Name / Description: Edit

Animist bomber pets in the arboreal spec line on uthgard are performing less damage than how live calculates them.

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Live Behavior (Mythic Server): Edit

Animist bomber spells calculate their damage in the same manner that other direct damage spells work.

Custom Behavior Introduced: Edit

Intelligence stats nor item bonuses on animist characters are being applied to the damage calculations for animist bomber pet spells. Bomber pet spell damage is being calculated off of:

(spell delve) x 1.25

thus a 225 delve bomber spell does 281 max damage, even with max intelligence stats and +arboreal item bonuses.

The reason for this change is presumably that due to the lack of pet pathfinding, animist bombers would "act as stacking bolt spells." As a result, their damage has been left reduced until pet pathfinding is implemented.

Reasons For Custom Change: Edit

Look below to find official statements coming from the uthgard staff explaining the reasoning for this custom change.

Staff Member Statement
The bombers did not get the Animist Animist attribute of intelligence transmitted thereby making them less damage, it was here forever and will continue to be so long that works to Petpathing. Otherwise, we have namely Bolts can be cast in the chain.
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References: Edit

Look below to find links to sources of (mythic server) information that explain why the uthgard version of this feature is a custom change.

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See Animist spell testing at the bottom [Source 1 URL]