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The Current Uthgard
Patch Version is:


Feature Description Has Been Given:


Change Author Has Been Given:


Live Behavior Has Been Given:


Reason For Change Has Been Given:


Reference Has Been Given:


This article uses Patch 1.80 references:


Feature Name / Description: Edit

Author(s) Of Change: Edit

Date Change Occured: Edit

Live Behavior (Mythic Server): Edit

Custom Behavior Introduced: Edit

Reasons For Custom Change: Edit

Look below to find official statements coming from the uthgard staff explaining the reasoning for this custom change.

Staff Member Statement
Statement Here
Staff Comment Location

References: Edit

Look below to find links to sources of (mythic server) information that explain why the uthgard version of this feature is a custom change.

Source Context Source Location
(Short Description of source content) [Source 1 URL]

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