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Feature Name / Description: Edit

Player horse mounts were added to the server. These are not live-like as "classic" daoc (up to patch 1.65) did not have player owned horses.

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May 13, 2009

Live Behavior (Mythic Server): Edit

Player mounts were added with the darkness rising expansion pack from mythic in October 2005.

Custom Behavior Introduced: Edit

1. Horse Merchant Npcs available in each realm's capital city to sell horses and offer quests to acquire advanced mounts:

  • Albion: Edwin Gentry
  • Hibernia: Maegwyn Brayan
  • Midgard: Brefyr Laugrsson

2. Standard & War horse Mounts introduced for sale on horse merchant npcs

  • Standard Horse - Usable in Player vs Environment zones only. lvl35 standard mount; 135% speed; no armors or bardings
  • War Horse - lvl35 standard mount; 135% speed; usable in PvE and RvR zones; no armors or bardings

3. Quest Based Horse Mounts introduced through the quests:

  • lvl45 Horse Quest 1: Bring home the steed! (PvE horse)
  • lvl50 Horse Quest 2: Riding to War! (RvR horse - quest1 is a prequisite)


The Quest "Riding to War!" may only be done by one player per realm at a given time.

The second horsequest that lead you to Agramon in the NF system have been edited. Instead of the stablemasters in Agramon, you will now have to talk to the stablemasters in front of the borderkeeps. After you have talked to them, you will have to move into the frontiers. The contact persons from the other realms can be found near the portal keeps. Check the quest description for further information.

4. Advanced Mounts Made available through merchant npc quests

  • Thoroughbreds - lvl45 advanced mount; 154% speed; usable in PvE zones; bardings and up to light armor may be equipped
  • Advanced Warhorse - lvl50 RR5 advanced rvr mount; 154% speed; usable in PvE and RvR zones; bardings and armos up to medium armor
  • Epic Mounts - lvl50 RR10 epic mounts; 154% speed; usable in PvE and RvR zones; bardings and up to heavy armor may be equipped (only unicorn type)

Reasons For Custom Change: Edit

Look below to find official statements coming from the uthgard staff explaining the reasoning for this custom change.

Staff Member Statement
Although personal mounts were not available in the old frontiers on live servers, we have decided to keep them. Players do not really get a benefit from them against speeder classes, but get the possibility to roam through the lands a little bit faster when do not have a speeder class in their group.
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References: Edit

Look below to find links to sources of (mythic server) information that explain why the uthgard version of this feature is a custom change.

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Darkness Rising Expansion Pack Intro To Mounts [Source 1 Url]