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About Questions & Answers Edit

Questions and Answers was set up to act as an orderly means for players to ask the uthgard development and worldbuild staff about game features found on uthgard. Topics of concern are organized into three categories: Incorrectly implemented Features, Unimplemented Features, and Custom Changes. Questions submitted to the staff will be tallied and sent in for feedback. All questions that have been answered will appear in the Q & A archives, linked above with the staff feedback attached. Names of individuals submitting questions are kept confidential unless the player specifically requests for their names to be included in the submission. Players wishing to submit questions, must send them through forum private message to [Zippity] on the [Uthgard Server Community Forum] with the subject Q & A.

The types of allowable Questions that will be taken from the citizenry and sent to the uthgard staff will follow the proceeding guidelines for each topic:

Incorrectly Implemented Features

  • Asking about the status or priority of fixing a particular incorrectly implemented feature

Unimplemented Features

  • Asking about the status or priority of implementing a currently unimplemented feature

Custom Changes

  • Asking about why a particular feature has been chosen to not be implemented on the server
  • Asking about why a particular feature was implemented to behave in its current manner