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Feature Name / Description: Edit

Shield swipe styles available to warriors, armsmen and heroes in publish 1.72.

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Date Change Occured: Edit

Dec 27, 2008

Live Behavior (Mythic Server): Edit

As of 1.72, Shield swipe ability is granted to warriors, heroes and armsmen.

Custom Behavior Introduced: Edit

Shield swipe is not being included into the server.

Reasons For Custom Change: Edit

Look below to find official statements coming from the uthgard staff explaining the reasoning for this custom change.

Staff Member Statement
This is a so called CAE effect (cone area effect). These effects were brought to the world of DAoC with the Catacombs expansion. Therefore we won't implement it.
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Source Context Source Location
Shield Swipe Introduced in patch 1.72 [Source 1 URL]