Introduction Edit

Welcome to the [Uthgard: Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard] Quality Assurance wiki. The Quality Assurance wiki is set up to be a place where uthgard players may go to find out information about the status of game features on the uthgard server as well as sources of information to better inform themselves on how these features should work. The Quality Assurance Wiki is run BY players FOR players and takes a neutral stance on presenting information to the public. Uthgard players may submit questions via Quality Assurance to the uthgard staff and read responses to previously submitted questions in the Questions & Answers archive. Uthgard players may also participate in the data gathering and upkeep of the wiki through assisting in wiki maintenance. Check the table below to view the available options that are open to be explored:

Quality Assurance Information Community Information Wiki Maintenance Information